[Feedback Thread] Emma Invest 🇬🇧

Maybe a bug:

  • I didn’t get any alerts that my funds had been deposited

Possible improvements:

  • I would like to be able to buy a fixed number of shares as opposed to just a currency amount
  • Unsure about the EMMA style keypad to enter the amout you want to invest, I would prefer if you were to just show the OS number pad
  • As a user it would be a better experience if you just brought the shares rather than showing a order processing screen where whilst it purchases the shares. As a user, all I want to know is the order has been accepted, and then confirmation when it’s complete, or a alert when it fails.
  • The sections on the stock detail page need some form of container, e.g. a container around “Your investments”, “Activity” etc because currently it all bleeds into each other.

We are adding this next week. Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is something we have been thinking about, the current process is quite slow, but shouldn’t take more than 10-20 seconds.

Great eye :wink:

Number at top is wrong! Also made a double payment. First payment of £5 didn’t go thru, not shown in my banking app, but second one cleared. But Emma shows both cleared.

Random question. Is there really no FX markup on the trade?

It’s interesting that Emma Trade sends a Alpacca trade confirmation pdf instead of a Emma one with a note saying Alpacca.

Any chance you can reach out to live chat, so we can take a look?

We add a spread of 0.45% + the spot rate.

This should be fixed in the last update. We are also going to release a better graph next week (for the portfolio).

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Haven’t signed up yet, so maybe it’s in the signup flow, but what are the fees?

We just add a spread on the interchange. There are no other fees.


We are working to add sectors and more collections in Discover (gainers/losers/biggest daily movers). We also have plans to extend the stock financials, add analysts ratings and support different orders (for now it’s just market orders).

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Couple of things

The word recommended here seems a bit weird, though I get why UK should be at the top.

Searching for addresses should be in numerical order if possible rather than sorted “alphabetically” e.g. 1, 2, 3 etc rather than 1, 10, 11,… 2, 20, 21…

(Also it kinda bothers me that the post code input field doesn’t allow me to enter the space in between but it’s not a HUGE deal I guess)

what will the end-of-tax-year reporting include? especially if there are foreign currency transactions. will it include cgt calculations? eft eris?

Thanks for poting these out! :slight_smile:

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It will include pretty much all your transactions with a breakdown of FX. As of today, you should also see a Monthly Report in Activity that gets generated on the first of the month.

Hi all.
Am I the only one who has received the email from. Edoardo “You have access to Emma Invest :teddy_bear:
when clicks still on the “invest” button is shown the missile of the waiting list?

Hi Michael,

you might have given us an email not associated with your account. Can you ping live chat?

The address is correct.
I had the chat via App and I’ve been confirmed a ticket has been opened.

Thank you :relaxed:

Hi I received the email today and opened an account.

What I had not realised is that only US listed securities are avaliable so my questions are

What is the timeline for UK listed securities including ETF’s to be available

What is the timeline for the funds that most trading platforms have available


Hey @Wmeads001, thanks for trying the product. We don’t have a timeline yet for UK stocks. :slight_smile:

We have just removed the waitlist. :slight_smile: