[Feedback Thread] Emma Invest πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Do you have plans to offer ETFs?

This would be my personal requirement to allocate some funds to your invest account. :smiley:.

If so can you provide an onboarding timescale?

Not to start, but we are working on it. :wink:

Will there be a stocks and shares isa coming at some point. Also could an API be created so that other platforms such as trading212 can use it to export ur current portfolio value. Then also the ability to easily move all assets from T212 or freetrade to emma would be great to attract current investors.

Feature request would be seeing your profile between a set time frame so i can pick from one date to another.

Option to buy the rest of a fractional share with a single button so I can round it up for myself.

Automated divided reinventing

Automated investing

Pay into the account with applepay/ google pay

For this, we just use Open Banking, same technology as bank transfers or payments in the app today. :slight_smile:

The idea behind freetrade et al supporting Pays is that it’s much easier to tap a few buttons and top up on mobile more or less on a whim. At least for the first 1k or so. Is it not worth supporting at least Google and Apple Pay just for the customer conversion to invest?

An Open Banking top up is like connecting a bank account?

If you have the banking app on your phone, it can be very quick and convenient. If you don’t, you end up going through the sign in process, which can be pretty awful, depending on bank. Google Pay for example is much simpler - it just reduces the friction. Though the fees (I assume) must be higher

Edit: I think freetrade has a nice compromise, where you can top up Β£1k via Google Pay, then no more.

Will the account have FSCS investment account protection?

Are there plans to offer ISA accounts?

If you have Emma, you have linked a bank account, so it’s 100% on your phone. :wink:

The money is deposited in a ring-fenced account.

We have plans for ISA and SIPP, but not right away.

Exciting! Love the queue + :rocket:
Can we have a crypto queue soon too? :star_struck:

We are pending approval by the FCA. :innocent:

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We are going to start rolling this out in the next few days.

It would be great to get some early feedback once everyone has access. :point_down::point_down:

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I tried topping up, I can see the amount has been deducted from my bank account but it has not yet appeared in my EMMA account.

Other than that the onboarding process felt a bit long winded, don’t know if you can reduce that down, or ask just-in-time for some of the questions.

It’s quite easy to miss the discover button in the bottom right of the Invest tab.

Well done on shipping though!

P.S. I just got the iOS notification now after I had already signed up… I’m quick though :wink:

Yes, takes a few hours to verify the first topup - we are adding a disclaimer in the next update.

It’s mostly regulatory information. :sob:

Thanks for this

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That’s a shame but understandbale and good idea to let the user know.

We are going to add another disclaimer under Investments to better show the user they can search for stocks.

We also have plans to introduce sectors and other collections next week to improve our current Discover view which is quite poor! :slight_smile:

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