Recent Transactions (Excluded Category Visible)

Is there any reason for the change that now shows excluded transactions in the recent transactions section (when they were hidden previously)?

It really makes it confusing to review transactions now.


Seconded! My feed is a mess…

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Yes, this is a recent change we have introduced.

Excluded is analytics, the transactions feed is for everything, just like when viewing transactions from an account.

We originally excluded transactions from this view (for no reason), but have decided to bring them back.

As I said, it now makes it really messy and difficult to monitor transactions that haven’t been ‘excluded’.

I’m positive a lot of fellow users will agree.

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I actually like having excluded transactions in the all transactions list. That was the original behaviour and I moaned when they were removed a few years ago.

To my mind the excluded category should be about exclusion from analytics, not about exclusion from the all transactions list. But I suppose the ideal would be the ability for user control over whether or not they are shown in the all transactions list.


I have more excluded transactions than not on some days. I struggle now to see tracked transactions in the Feed, so something needs to change. A toggle?


I think you’re going to need to re-type that!!

Done! Must swipe better :+1:

I agree with both views. I used to loathe having to go to each individual account to be able to see the excluded transactions, but having them there I came to miss the previous way as it makes scrolling the transaction list quite painful (OT, there is a bug where if you scroll a lot the list becomes really jerky, some lines disappear, to the point where the list is just uncontrollable).

A toggle at the top or somewhere to exclude/include excluded transactions would give the best of both worlds.


I noticed the change too. I don’t really mind if they’re visible or not - it would be nice to have the option. However what’s annoying is that I have a payment to a credit card that’s being wrongly assigned the icon of my electricity FIT provider. I reported it, but it’s not fixed … when excluded items were not in my main feed I didn’t used to see it often so it didn’t bother me much, but now it’s in my main feed it’s annoying.

Please, please introduce a way to turn off ‘excluded’ transactions. It’s just way too messy to review transactions now.

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How big an issue is it for you?

I have some days with a lot of excluded transactions, but it’s only a couple of days a month when all my standing orders shuffling money between my own accounts takes place. I much prefer seeing this activity in my transactions list.

Quite a few - that’s why I’m asking.

Most of my feed this week is excluded stuff… Round ups, internal transfers, all my regular savers (I prefer just to track a manual account balance with smart rules and exclude the individual transactions), credit cards bill payments etc.

We could put a switch in settings that does this. :slight_smile:


That would be perfect - thank you!

Would this be easy to implement?

I’d suggest what would be even better is a toggle on the transactions page enabling quick on/off toggling of excluded transactions.

But toggle in settings fine too.

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Is there an ETA on this feature?

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Is there any update on allowing users the opportunity to remove ‘excluded’ transactions from the ‘See All’ Transactions list?

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