Emma Quiz Feedback

Is there any chance you could change the answer settings so that it doesn’t lock in your first response?

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve accidentally clicked an answer incorrectly! :joy::joy:


ahhaa, that’s the whole point.

We need to make it difficult in some way. :wink:

We have plans to actually change the questions to what you have spent during the week, instead of random ones.


When are winners notified if they have won the cash prize?

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We do this via email mostly. :slight_smile:

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We are going to improve this system by building a leaderboard, so you can also see if you have any friends playing.


Heya, your quiz is incorrect today :slight_smile:


Place of origin: Kyoto, Japan

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I referred my partner to Emma a few months ago and naturally, we began having our own little competitions whenever the emma quiz pops up.
After completing the quiz, however we got an interesting outcome. One of the tickets is for 100£ and the other for 500£.
We usually hold the questionair simultaneously, with maybe one device lagging 1s behind the other. It is also the first time we both tied so I don’t know if this is a random or expected outcome.

I am certain that the card of the device with the ticket for 100£, read “500£”.

Any idea of why this is?

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Worrying post!

Yup, we made a mistake. I had £100 on my version as well. It was just a display issue, nothing more. :slight_smile:

Just wondering…

How often are the prize tickets drawn for the Emma Quiz £500 prize…and has anyone on this forum ever won the £500?

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Won several but never received a cut of the money.

Interest to find out if anybody has ever won a cut. Won a few quizes, fingers crossed I might get a cut of the win one day

We are going to include a leaderboard in the next few weeks, so we make this super transparent. :slight_smile:


Could we have multiple prizes :wink: 1st £500, 4/5 5 gummies, 3/5 2 gummies 1/5 you’re Rubbish at quizzes at least you’re doing something right with your finances :wink: :joy:

Can’t wait for this! :star_struck:

How did everyone do in Saturday’s baking quiz?