Emma T&C - selling data?

I’m just wondering if Emma takes the stance of not selling data why there’s this clause in the terms and conditions that say you might?

If you’re confident you don’t - can you remove this clause to give everyone confidence, and be the personal finance app that cares about user privacy?

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Trusted partner might also mean an Open Banking provider that allows us to connect to more banks. There are many ways to interpret those terms.

We, at Emma, don’t sell your data. We make money with the subscription.


That’s great to hear, but can the terms and conditions be updated to remove any doubt? It literally says you may also sell data.



We are going to do a revision soon, as part of our new features, and let you guys know. :slight_smile:


Legend, thanks so much Edorado! I think this will also be a really strong USP for marketing if the Terms back up the promise.

Btw I really wasn’t expecting a reply over Christmas - but I appreciate it. I hope you’re having a nice one :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @edoardomoreni,

I’ll start by also wishing you a nice Christmas! :christmas_tree:

As a long-time Emma user now, I too would welcome clarification of the terms here. Also, if you did start using a third party that required different additional terms, I’d like this to be separate to the main Emma app terms. That way, it would be clear if they did use certain data or not, and users could make an informed choice on whether to use that extra feature of the app.

I realise that’s all theoretical anyway, as you now connect directly to banks, but if you also used Truelayer or Plaid (for example) it would be pretty clear that their terms also applied and you could put a link to these on the website alongside your own terms.

I do think that this is a good opportunity for you to position yourselves well at a time when many potential customers will be shopping around looking for a new Open Banking aggregator and testing and trying out new services after the recent closure of two of your competitors.

That’s how I’d suggest handling it anyway, but I’m sure you will have better business acumen than me.

All the best to you!

Much appreciated! I personally don’t mind if you sold my data in an aggregated anonymised format, but it has been a pushback from some of my friends who I’ve told about Emma. Updating the T&Cs would certainly be an extra layer of re-assurance for those people.

I think it’d be better to take the stance of being the one company that doesn’t sell data to be honest. It helps consumers justify the purchase price too.

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I also agree with jamesb I’ve wanted to use the pro version but I’m reluctant to when the T&C say they may still sell your data, I’ve also had friends and family say the same. So a revision to these terms would be awesome!