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That’s interesting. If regular payments make the majority of my outgoings, why wouldn’t I want them in my comparison reports? I can see some logic for keeping an eye on the ad hoc spending, but I still want to know when I’m making improvements in my baseline. Maybe some separate cards in the Weekly Report?

@Nod_356s aside from some debt repayments, we wanted to exclude occurring payments because they’re often the same and occur monthly. We didn’t want to skew the reports with unavoidable, fixed spending but rather show you spending that could be avoided.

I think any reoccurring payments should be compared in a monthly reports (if they’re monthly) rather than in a weekly report

Thanks for the explanation, makes sense. I wonder if looking at comparative cumulative spend in the weekly report helps deal with ‘lumpiness’ of non recurring expenditures?

We were having a chat during our all hands this week and discussing the possibility to compare Reports and Spend with friends. What do you think? :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Not sure about comparing with friends. Personal money isn’t something we generally get into a specific conversation about. If it was based on percentage of budget or percentage of spend that might work. It obscures the specific enough. You’re also going to have categorisation differences between friends.

Yes, we were thinking merchants related. :slight_smile:

Do you mean like comparing the same week but in the previous month?

Is there a way to feedback where the report doesn’t really make sense, like when it says “LinkedIn has not seen you for a week” :confused: ?

Technically it has seen me (daily online :wink: ) and this is actually on the subscriptions list.

@lobbers can you take a screenshot of this card and send it through to me on chat?

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Kind of.
Week 1 would compare to prior Week 1.
Week 2 would be Week 1 + 2 compared to prior 1 + 2.
Week 3, 1 + 2 + 3 compared to prior 1 + 2 + 3.
And so on. Then if non-subscribed, but regular spending would even out if it skipped one week to another. At work we would call this Year To Date (YTD) or Month To Date (MTD) reporting.
I’d want the report to shown me some kind of variance explanation. Say, grouped by category or merchant with a toggle.

We’ve started making a couple of changes to the weekly reports :rocket:

The first update is that we’ve added this new card that shows you a list of cashback brands you might like! :blush:

What new cards would you like to see us working on next?

Your 2020 Yearly Review is now in the app :rocket::eyes:

And this year, we’re giving away £100/ $100 for 10 lucky people who share the report with their friends on social media! Just follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, tag us in your report and use the hashtag #YearInEmma :bear::v:

We’ll be picking the winners in Jan, so get sharing!

Struggling with this breakdown tbh. Colours are pretty much the same for several categories:

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Is there a way to know the absolute numbers for the year (preferably with breakdowns and custom time duration)?

is there a way to access again the 2020 yearly review? It seems not possible to find it in the chat and if I open the link in the email, nothing happens.


Hey @diegor

If you message the in-app live chat they should be able to reinstate this for you!

Hey Grant!

Good point - we’ll work on fixing this for next year :raised_hands:

any way you could add total income on that report?

Yeah that could be a nice addition to the yearly report. What about adding to the monthly report too?


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