Emma Quests πŸš€

Afternoon all!

Have any of the more eagle-eyed Emma users spotted the new additions to Quests? :grinning:

There are now 9 NEW quests for you to complete!

Has anyone completed all of these already? :raised_hands:

Saw the new quests today. I did have to click on several of the greyed out graphics for them to activate and looks like the Check Your Report doesn’t look retrospective, so I’m waiting for this afternoon… :bar_chart::medal_sports::wink:


Yeah some of them you need to wait until you can complete the action again! Quite satisfying when they change from grey isn’t it :joy:

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I saw them but despite renaming and changing the date of various transactions, they don’t unlock :frowning: others have though.

Also how are you tracking the SIM quest? I clicked through and completed an initial order but opened it in Safari. Yay for Black Friday deals.

Hey @jase

There is a known bug with this quest, the team are working to fix it as we speak :blush:

And the SIM quest? Do you mean the broadband one?

Silly me, it was for SIM deals and the quest if for broadband. I’ll wait until I upgrade the internet at my parents.


FYI this should be fixed now! :raised_hands:

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To help new Emma users understand the role of each Quest we’ve written a complete guide to unlocking each and every Quest on Emma!

You can read the article here: http://bit.ly/35jJsf3

Have you completed all of the Quests?

I’m kinda ashamed to say that I still don’t have my 20 and 50 day streaks :laughing::sweat_smile:

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I just need to invite 1 more person and find out why my energy quest hasn’t worked :frowning:

Oh! Do you want to message live chat about this? They should be able to work out why this quest hasn’t worked for you!

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