Browser based desktop app?

Any plans for a browser based desktop app? If there was one available I would seriously consider jumping ship from Cleo.


This is something we have always wanted to build.

I hope we can ship it by the end of the year or early next.

Is the Cleo one usable? I struggle a lot.


Great to hear.

I like Cleo’s desktop dashboard (more than their messaging style app/ Facebook messenger thing), but there are always bugs and they are quite slow to reply to messages.

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Yes, that’s what I noticed it.

Editing a category was a nightmare.

Would be great if Emma could get this addition, although I’d prefer if it were native rather than Electron or similar; it’s cool tech don’t get me wrong but I don’t want my finance software taking up 500mb of RAM and 10% of my CPU like other pieces have been


Alas, isn’t that what you need for a browser-based app with a lot of functionality?

I personally would love a build-out to iPad and then macOS using Marzipan/Catalyst or whatever they’re calling it now. Although that does leave Windows users behind…

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Yes please do not leave us Windows users behind. :grin:

A desktop app would be lovely. All those gradients and charts would be pure eye candy… :star_struck:

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Is this thread still open? No follow up on not meeting suggested delivery at end of 2019. I guess this will be delivered shortly!

The main issue with this in the UK is that it would become way more difficult to connect Accounts. At this point, we have app to app login, but with iPad or Web, this functionality wouldn’t be available. :frowning:

I’m not sure how you might feel about doing this, but I think a way to solve this problem would be to keep Emma as a “mobile first” app where you connect to the integrations on your phone, but can view your accounts on other devices (iPad, Project Catalyst Mac app, Islandwood bridge from iOS code to Windows 10).

The way I would envisage this working would be that you would set up an “Emma account” on the iPhone or Android app, then the other clients would all be based off the code of a separate iPad app which would only allow viewing and interacting with accounts already set up and linked to your “Emma account” login.

This would help users who want to see their Emma transactions and analytics on a bigger screen, but still allow the simplicity of app to app authentication for Open Banking. I imagine most users would be happy with this approach, and re-authentication would only be needed every 90 days so I think it would be acceptable for the “big screen” app to prompt you to re-authenticate on your phone if you did get to 90 days having not already done so.


Why is OAuth not an option for all connections to financial institution? Finding it hard to understand why you do not host a service that desktop and mobile apps connect to which can then present the latest data. If you choose to update the data then those calls would trigger outbound queries to financial institutions. Once a day updates seem to keep the data updated every 24 hours.

I was referring to the fact that is much easier to renew today because you just get redirected and need to approve. This usually only requires FaceID.

On the web, if you are not authenticated on the bank, you need to authenticate.

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Yeah, I still think the solution to that is to only allow the desktop or tablet app to be a companion to the Emma mobile app, as I suggested in this thread two years ago.

Then you only need to use your Emma login to retrieve your data on your other devices, and all connections would still be managed from your phone.

I could imagine that being very useful, and I’m sure you will end up building something like it eventually.