Browser based desktop app?

Any plans for a browser based desktop app? If there was one available I would seriously consider jumping ship from Cleo.


This is something we have always wanted to build.

I hope we can ship it by the end of the year or early next.

Is the Cleo one usable? I struggle a lot.


Great to hear.

I like Cleo’s desktop dashboard (more than their messaging style app/ Facebook messenger thing), but there are always bugs and they are quite slow to reply to messages.

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Yes, that’s what I noticed it.

Editing a category was a nightmare.

Would be great if Emma could get this addition, although I’d prefer if it were native rather than Electron or similar; it’s cool tech don’t get me wrong but I don’t want my finance software taking up 500mb of RAM and 10% of my CPU like other pieces have been

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Alas, isn’t that what you need for a browser-based app with a lot of functionality?

I personally would love a build-out to iPad and then macOS using Marzipan/Catalyst or whatever they’re calling it now. Although that does leave Windows users behind…

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Yes please do not leave us Windows users behind. :grin:

A desktop app would be lovely. All those gradients and charts would be pure eye candy… :star_struck: