Emma Job Positions

Hello friends,

this is not really a news, but we are hiring.

I will try to keep this thread open with all the roles we are looking for, which you can also find here (https://angel.co/emma-35/jobs).

  • Junior Product Designer
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Senior Backend Engineer
  • Mid-Level Backend Engineer
  • Mid-Level Growth Hacker
  • Senior Growth Hacker
  • Mid-Level Mobile Engineer
  • Senior Mobile Engineer

Our main criteria is speed/time of execution. We would love to start hiring from our user base! :slight_smile:

ps: all our positions are based in London.


Based in London :face_vomiting:

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Still best city in the world. :love_you_gesture:


It has an awkward metro and doesn’t use the euro

Disagreeing hard rn

ahhaahh :stuck_out_tongue: You use the euro?

I use whatever is in use for the country I’m in :wink:

I do dislike polymer notes though and as such, GBP :slight_smile:

ahhaha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bring an Emma “Campus” to the US for more job opportunities when the company expands…

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We should. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we’ll open a few remote customer support positions in the near future. eheh

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How flexible are the hours sounding? :smirk: my job is going downhill and I’d rather be working remote text-based CS

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We don’t have anything in place yet, but should be able to get a couple of people end of the year in different timezones. East / West coast. :slight_smile:

Would there be any residency requirement for this?

Also curious about how busy that would even be, tbh. I’m assuming it’s an ‘on-the-clock’ kind of deal where you just keep a tab open and wait for someone to message? What is expected when it’s dead?

It won’t be dead, but we’ll be looking for US people.

We are covered in the UK. :wink:

:sob: I am basically American when it comes to timezone is why I was asking

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