Post your link πŸ”—

I am :grimacing:

ps: links are used to refer friends/family and strangers!

Hey everyone - posted my referral link below:

:point_right:t2: Click Here :point_left:t2:

my emma link

They don’t give me free Pro as a job perk :rofl:

That’s criminal! :joy:

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I am using @emma_finance! All my accounts in one place + the best way to save & manage money.

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What a legend!

Ok the Pro was a joke but this one isn’t.

Gotta unlock β€˜em all


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Hey tom! :wave:

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Link…go on you know you want to

A mate from work has just signed up and needs those sweet, sweet referral clicks:

Emma Referral Link

Loving Emma

Got some family members onto it but the referrals aren’t showing yet… anyone know how long that takes? (they connected banks)

Can you reach out to live chat? We can definitely help. :slight_smile:


Meanwhile, click my referral and help me save like a PRO. :grin:

My link Just putting it out there :grimacing:


You can now use your link to get Β£15 - check out our new referral system in the app. :slight_smile:

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We have just increased the reward to Β£30 or $30 for a limited time only. :slight_smile: