Effect of refunds on spending amount

Quick question about refunds, if I make a transaction and a few days later it gets refunded - will the original transaction be automatically excluded from the spending amount or will I have to manually exclude it?

If the transaction was pending and then it’s reversed, it won’t show any more. If you have a completed purchase, then a refund is put on your card, I’d put them in the same category, so they cancel out

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This section can help too.

It’s a bit of both, the original transaction was pending, and then a few hours later I cancelled the order and received a refund as a separate transaction, while the original transaction was still pending. Recategroising the refund transaction from ‘income’ to the same category of the original transaction seems to do the trick.

Thanks, that’s quite helpful.

I’ve got another quick question, I’ve noticed that when I exclude a transaction, it disappears from the list of transactions(i.e recent transactions) - is there a way to include excluded transactions in the list of transactions, obviously while still excluding them from analytics?(Like what Monzo does)

At the moment, you can only see them by going to the relevant account. A toggle to show Excluded in the feed would be nice though

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