Edit Category screen UX

There is one thing that bothers me on the transaction edit category screen. It is a vertical scroll and inability to see all categories at the same time.

For comparison, Yolt is showing all categories without scrolls (on iphone X I should say) and I feel that space is used more rationally. Sure, they don’t have custom categories and overall automatic categorisation is much worse.

I know there are different OS’s and screen resolutions. There is also an ability to create custom categories, so the list might be very long. But there is always room for UX improvements.

How about implementing a pro feature to reorganise category icons similarly to iPhone springboard and allow horizontal pagination as opposite to vertical scroll? There will also be no need to separate custom categories from default ones. To me personally this might be the most valuable feature of a pro version (alongside existing custom categories)

Can you share a screenshot of this? It would be great to know. :slight_smile:

What about just ordering by most frequently used?

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Ah! As of now, they are ordered alphabetically.

We have changed this fairly recently. When we launched we were using a random order.

I think @Gaoler suggestion might be good, but really tough to communicate and it means that the order can vary every time. This might lead to a bit more friction.

What about a “recently used” row, then alphabetical?

Just let the user rearrange the list the way he wants.

The problem with ‘most used’ is that the order will change and you will always be looking for an icon instead of remembering it’s position.

Here is the categories screen from Yolt

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This is one thing I noticed moving from an iPhone 6s to an XR. I thought I’d be able to see much more on screen (due to the larger screen). Instead, everything is just scaled bigger.

It feels like a lot of wasted space. It would be great to see more categories. The same applies to other screens as well. The circle in the analytics screen takes up almost half the screen, each of the cards on the main screen feels like it could be more compact.

Generally would prefer less scrolling if possible.

I have an iPhone XS and they look sort of okay.

We can reduce the icon size, I think it’s slightly bigger than the size we use for transactions.

For custom categories, I am open for improvements. Deleting the default ones is quite a challenge.

Font wise, we adapt to the screen resolution; so there is a difference in sizes between an iPhone 6 and an iPhone X.