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I don’t personally use this, but would be great to know more + have some screenshots to check it out. I can see @Burbs and @Recchan mentioning, so I am sure we can find more people. :stuck_out_tongue:


why not set up an account then you can experience it for yourself only need to pop a tenner in! :wink:

I mentioned it but I don’t actually use it :wink: they gave me £2 for free once though so I’m net up by £2 using their services :slight_smile:

Personally I believe they’d be a good fit with Emma though as their focus is on saving you money and profiting alongside you!

How? :rofl:

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They were late issuing bonds and gave us the average to everyone

Dozens has just teamed up with Bud. It will be really interesting to see where they go with this… I wonder if dozens are hoping to plug into other connectors

What do you mean by other connectors?
Apps like Emma?

Yeah, Emma and any other Open Banking providers. I think dozens wants to be a budgeting platform, so I can see a space where they could work very well with an aggregator/personal finance app. It could be more economical to plug in to a budgeting solution than maintain/build existing

So you mean Emma / Emma solutions inside Dozens?

If also interested in the other way round (Emma accessing Dozens via open banking) that’s already possible. Dozens released open banking APIs back in April 2020. But it’s been intimated in another thread that Dozen’s don’t have enough customers for Emma to bother connecting.

As far as I understand it, Bud is doing the aggregation and Open Banking side and dozens is all about the budgeting. Obviously its a way for dozens to acquire customers, but it sounds like the service will be available without even having a dozens account.

I can see some benefit in unbundling services and focusing on a core service (aggregation?) that you then offer as a service to everyone else. Be the best at one thing and buy in the best of everything else

Isn’t Dozens half dead?

I don’t think so! They’ve been quiet, but I think there’s a lot going on in the background.

They have…

Moved over to Visa (after the Wirecard fiasco)
Migrated the current account to Clearbank
Launched dozens Black (effectively limits total investment fees to £60 a year)
Added multi-asset funds to the investment options

Since moving up Visa, they have…

Launched virtual cards (though I’m not clear on their pricing strategy for virtual)
Launched Gpay and Apple Pay

Apparently V2 of the app is also “coming soon” too

I think they just haven’t been as visible because of their platform/Pi1 approach, but they’re in a good position overall. Their budgeting tools are actually pretty good…

Having said that, I’m sure their customer numbers are low and they actually froze the app to new customers for quite a while, and may still not be opening accounts very quickly.

Predictably, they’re getting bad reviews from customers expecting a fully developed bank. But then, they’re in the same catch22 as everyone else - you need customers to build revenue and develop, but then you also need to develop to get customers :joy:

I was more talking about the App Store ranking. They don’t rank, so they are getting about 50 downloads a day or less.

Yes, I meant this. eheh

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Given quite how much they’re changing, it was probably a good idea to stop onboarding anyone else! :joy:

If they’re still not attracting new customers once V2 of the app is done, I’d be worried as an investor!