How do you save your money?

Hey guys!!

I’m so bad at saving my money :woman_facepalming:t3:

How do you guys go about saving your money? Any tips and tricks? Blogs you read? Instagrams you follow? Facebooks Groups or Pages you follow? ANYTHING!! Lol!

Thank you!!

I save/invest a portion of my income before I spend on anything else.

Pay yourself first

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I work so much that I save without thinking about it. :laughing:

What kills me is cocktails, restaurants and any other form of recreational activity during weekends.


I’d also recommend YNAB

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I set up a savings account that’s not linked to anything else (including Emma) - Marcus is perfect for this. Ideally leave the password somewhere annoying, like a piece of paper in a drawer.

Then I set up a daily payment of £5, £10 or whatever, and keep the balance off my accounts.

It sort of turns saving into spending, if that makes sense…

Do you pay for it?

I’ll be paying in a year - students get a year for free

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I use the chip app and plum on messenger which both use algorithms to automatically save what you can afford. It’s usually pretty small amounts but adds up without too much fuss.

Monzo is also brilliant as you can set up pots for whatever you like, you can round up your spending and put the odd amounts in a savings pot and if you want to get really flash you can use IFTTT to automatically move money from pots when you spend money in particular categories (I use mine for travel and eating out) you can also lock pots until a certain date. It’s fab!

So, I actually agree roundups are an amazing way to save.

This is from a mix of: using the card before I got my first credit card, paying off my credit card bill (AmEx or cashback card) and then using my card wherever the AmEx isn’t accepted

So, not very often. And I’m at £70+ here and £18 in a Revolut fault for just… spending!

P.S. お釣り means ‘change’ in Japanese (like the change in your pocket). It’s pronounced “Otsuri”