Cashback Now Available In Emma 🐻

Evening everyone!

If you follow us on socials you’ll probably be able to tell that we’re really excited about cashback launching in Emma :joy::rocket:

We’ve been working super hard to bring you loads of new and exciting brands to help you save evenn more money!

We’d really like to know what other brands you’d like to see?

I know @Pa.ul has already mentioned he’d quite like brands such as IKEA, B&Q, Homebase, but are there any others?

Dominos or Pizza Hut!

Agreed. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Na. Gotta be Papa John’s :pizza: :smile:

Yesssss :pizza:

I was browsing the cashback offers today and had an interesting advert pop up at the top of the screen!

lol :smiley:

We’ve just added this deal to our cashback page which I’m definitely going to be trying!

Four Simply Cook recipe kits for just £1!

Recipes include Japanese Seared Steak, Chipotle Glazed Pork, Beef Stroganoff :drooling_face: Yuuummy.


Private Internet Access (VPN) and Tesco would be great!

We have NordVPN. :wink:

Not after the data breach, probably going to switch from PIA as well, just waiting for my subscription to end!

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Morning all,

Each month we’re going to be highlighting our fave brands from our new rewards section :rocket:

See which brands we voted our favourites for October here!

Have you guys bought anything exciting yet with any of our cashback offers?

I get 5% cashback from AliExpress with TopCashback.

I see Iceland is the same offer though (for existing Iceland online customers anyway)

Have you bought much from here? I haven’t used it before but thinking about it :blush:

Mainly t-shirts. Lots of them.

Still waiting for about three more.

Take between 6-10 weeks, although one turned up in 10 days! Was gobsmacked.

It’s scary though, having to order some of them in size XXL as it makes me feel a bit on the large side. But, of course, they are based on Asian sizing, where XXL is a UK Large. :rofl:

I buy in $ using my Starling card, which is then locked again. Great conversion rates.

I think that’s probably why I haven’t bought from them yet - that’s quite a long time to wait for a T-shirt :joy:

This is a good tip though!

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And for all our customers across the pond here’s your October Roundup :raised_hands:

Hey Folks!

We’ve got some exciting news about Cashback…

Emma Pro users can now get double the cashback rewards! :gem:

That means even bigger deals on big brands like Currys PC World, The Body Shop, Boots, Wilkos, and so on!

Exciting, right!?


Lots of new brands have been added to our cashback offering - here’s some of our current faves available in the UK! :fire:

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