Cashback Now Available In Emma 🐻

Evening everyone!

If you follow us on socials you’ll probably be able to tell that we’re really excited about cashback launching in Emma :joy::rocket:

We’ve been working super hard to bring you loads of new and exciting brands to help you save evenn more money!

We’d really like to know what other brands you’d like to see?

I know @Pa.ul has already mentioned he’d quite like brands such as IKEA, B&Q, Homebase, but are there any others?

Dominos or Pizza Hut!

Agreed. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Na. Gotta be Papa John’s :pizza: :smile:

Yesssss :pizza:

I was browsing the cashback offers today and had an interesting advert pop up at the top of the screen!

lol :smiley: