Add a checkbox for accuracy, speed & security

I imagine I’m like lot of people, I review my transactions to confirm the category, tags & to check for fraudulent transactions. Currently I write OK in the NOTE place so I know which ones I’ve checked. Could you put a “check box”, or equivalent, somewhere on the front page of each transaction so I can easily see which transactions I’ve validated. This would save a step and further speed up the record keeping process. I like this app a lot, a really a well put together piece of work. Perhaps there’s something like this already in place, I just haven’t seen it, if so please enlighten me.

Hi @nusrr,

thanks for posting!

I think this is a great idea and we have been thinking about it for quite sometime. :slight_smile:

It could be a swipe or “mark as seen” next to each new transaction.

@Stacey1 was actually suggesting something similar.

Hi @edoardomoreni and @nusrr,

I agree with @nusrr that something like a checkbox would be helpful (or a swipe would work too).

I also would still really love to see the category and at least the first tag against each transaction from the All Transactions list if at all possible (even if tiny!) so at a glance we can see if category is correct and if we’ve tagged the transaction yet. Like @nusrr I chose this app (very recently) for validating transactions but also to budget at a “micro” level.
So far, I’m loving Emma and can’t wait to see it get better and better!

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Thanks a lot for this and the feedback! :slight_smile: