Manual Loan - reduction over time

Hi all,

A feature which would certainly enhance the value for me would be either the ability to set regular reduction/payment or be able to link a transaction in my feed.

Has anyone found a way round this or know whether this is on the road map?



Hey @Charlientl,

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This is definitely something we’re considering as it’s a super popular request. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey @Charlientl - I do this manually myself currently.

For money I have leant my partner, I put this as a manual account under investments section. When I get paid some of it back into my current account, I just reduce the balance (I don’t both with transactions, it’s just easier to set a new balance).

Likewise, my parents sent me money a few months back for some silly reason and I want to pay it back to them, so I actually have this marked as a loan in Emma manually, just so I know not to account it as savings.

Inter-account transactions would be good though! :wink:

Some great use cases there, and makes sense to do this manually if it’s an artificial construct like your parents sending you money, you can break it down as you make manual payments over time!

Only debt I have (luckily) is money owed on a bank loan through Barclays, which doesn’t automatically show on the app. So if I could set my regular payment or even link to that transaction it would be a way to automate the reduction on the total.

Showing mortgages would also be a fantastic addition, but I’d likely want to separate this out from my general debt/loan as it’s long term.

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If we do develop this, I use it to help me pay off my student loan :moneybag:

Would you have a place to show your mortgage or a place to list your assets? I know some users treat their houses as investments rather than debt