Custom Analytics

I think it is a great idea and will be very useful to have custom analytics: for eg: by custom date range instead of having to select from a pre-list such as “this year” “last week”, “last year” etc.
This will give users great flexibility and some uber useful analytics.

Would be great if the Emma team can take this onboard in the next update as all the data is already there in the app.


Hey @kunalmzaveri :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community and thanks for sharing this idea!

What kind of analytics would you like to see for a custom date range?

Would adding “total amount spent” to our existing search feature give you the kind of information you’re looking for?

Hey Rebekah… Thanks for reaching out.
To being with, I think just being able to see

  1. transactions for a custom date and on rolling month, quarter, year basis
  2. compare monthly, quarterly, yearly or custom date expenses (and by category) versus previous month, quarter, year, or custom date
  3. Get the data visually: A pie chart showing expenses by type / category instead of just showing overbudget and underbudget as that is just too simplistic
  4. Being able to “temporarily exclude” certain items (such as rent) and then calculate the pie chart above. Typically rent tends to be a huge cost that is fixed and cannot be reduced so realistically, other expenses are the ones that are really addressable in the short term

Would be great to have these features.