Curve Integration

That’s unfortunate. I wasn’t aware that they’ve removed support for Xero as it shows as supported in the app. However, I’ve created a thread on the Curve discussion board about integrating with Emma. Hopefully they’ll respond in a timely matter.


That’s cool! :smiley:

Can we have Curve, Mark’s & Spencer’s credit card and Moneyfarm added?

Curve is not feasible by definition, even though I met with their head of product last week and he proposed it. :sweat_smile: The issue here is that they wouldn’t return balances and could potentially overlap with other integrations.

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Couldn’t curve integrate balances into there app?

We are integrating this card. :slight_smile:

A curve integration is out of the question for two reasons 1) they would never allow it 2) it would start conflicting with everything you have added and it would be a nightmare. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m very eager for New Day :slight_smile: I see what you mean about curve ! Do you have any beta tester spots for any of this stuff or is it all in house ?

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I’m not sure if it would conflict with everything if you only used Curve’s data for transactions and auto-discounted the bank copy of the data (since you could identity this through the Crv* prefix on transactions).

But it would be extra work and I don’t know if they would allow it.

I would really like it, though, for cards which would never be supported (like ones issued by banks abroad).

You could also treat Curve like an account, and auto-exclude the duplicate transactions that way, and have a “Curve” account in the list with the balance of your Curve cash. This would work a bit like PayPal. Or you could have Curve as standalone, and only import the transaction list, leaving the analytics feature etc to the copy on other cards. This would leave the transactions through Curve as separate and not analysed, but accessible from the account list. Just a few ideas, I’m sure something would be possible!

But it would need work on both Curve and Emma’s side, so not that likely - I do appreciate that!


Sorry for the double post, but a PS:
There did used to be a Testflight version of Emma a while ago, but this was scrapped in favour of more consistent and regular updates on the App Store release. I would love to have it back! Perhaps Edoardo can elaborate a bit on the thinking behind this, but I believe Emma have built the capability to turn on connections for just certain users instead via a feature-flagging mechanism.

This potentially allows a gradual rollout or testing of new connections with the App Store version of the app. Personally, I would welcome a programme for community members where we could help beta test connections - sort of like Curve has an open beta community where features are tested. Perhaps something for the team to consider?


Yeah we do still use Testflight internally for feature testing - we’ll try it out and then once we’re confident it’s ready to go we’ll release it to all users!

It’s deffo something we can discuss opening back up to users at some point though! :wink:


Seeing as I’ve been keeping @edoardomoreni on his toes this week :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:I’d happily be a guinea pig in exchange for one of those Emma hoodies I don’t have enough gummy’s for yet :wink: :joy:


Gets my vote too. I’ve just got another hoodie from a company in preparation for winter.


@rebekah Thanks for replying!

That’s an interesting insight into your process, and the way you use Testflight now does make sense.

I suppose you could use two-tier Testflight testing, with your internal-only builds (alpha) and public (beta) releases, plus the actual public release. This may be too complicated, though, so I completely understand why you might not want to do that. Personally, I would love to use even the current internal-only builds - it wouldn’t matter to me if they broke things, since you can always just restore to an earlier build in Testflight. But this would create problems for keeping new features under wraps! You could just pause the “public” sharing of builds (which would probably be via a link) and only allow access to invited users (those with an Emma email address) for a short period to get around this.

I hope some kind of solution can be found!

+1 for one of those…

Curve would be fantastic. It would help people get transactions into Emma while they wait for their favourite card to be integrated. I see it working the same as PayPal does. Then for example I can use my Curve with and have all my transactions showing.


I guess the only issue is that if you have cards on Curve that are already integrated with Emma then it could get pretty confusing, with transactions double accounting etc?


That’s why it would work similar to how PayPal does since Emma seems to have solved that problem. I use multiple cards and accounts with PayPal which are already integrated and don’t seem to get any duplicates. So Curve just needs similar logic.


Can you please add this? My card is not available and has terrible API. Add this integration and it will add support to many cards. Even if you can’t solve the double reporting, I wouldn’t mind about it as this can easily be expected giving the way the card works (the user can choose to remove the other card). Curve spending tracking is terrible, I wish I could use Emma instead…

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It would be even nicer if you could tell Emma that certain accounts are linked, so it could merge or hybridise the combined data

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@jorgedro & @graham1 how regularly do you use your card for regular purchases?