Creation Finance

Is there a possibility of getting them on board? Unsure of their Open Baking support.

Hey @Falaxin :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community :bear:

I don’t think we have any plans at the moment to integrate, but I’ll let you know if anything changes :blush:

Many thanks, it’s the only account I’m missing and is a fairly big Credit Card provider in the UK (IHG Hotel cards etc), so hopefully soon!

I double checked and they support Open Banking etc.

Awesome, thanks for checking. I’ll let you know if we decide to integrate! :raised_hands:

Definite Plus+1 for this. They offer the IHG card which is the current best rewards card in the UK that is open to everyone. Definitely makes sense to integrate with them.

Another plus 1 for this. Interestingly they’ve just removed Curve integration. Now I could really do with being able to see it on Emma rather than manually adding the balance.

When you say removed curve integration - do you mean Emma (I wasn’t aware there was any!) or Creation that have removed Curve integration?

Sorry I meant creation have stopped supporting Curve.

Literally, just got a text about this now. Why on earth is this I wonder??

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