What are we doing with Crypto?

Title pretty much explains it all

What are you guys doing with all the crypto stuff? What platforms are we using?

Right now I’m with Crypto.com although I haven’t used them too much, as I’m waiting for them to launch a UK debit card (they’ve already launched in the US/SG)

They do have a referral offer* though for $50 rewards of their Crypto for the new user (& the person referring after the new user buys crypto) which is currently at roughly $4 a piece

I’m assuming we’ll have a few Coinbase people and maybe some Wirex users?

Personally I don’t get the crypto thing at all but a metal Visa card with no foreign exchange and reimbursable costs for Spotify, Expedia, Airbnb + airport lounge access and up to 5% cashback is way too much not to gamble on lmao otherwise I’d have left it

I’m still sad that I didn’t jump on BTC when it was like a couple of cents though ngl :sweat_smile: as is anyone who didn’t do that

*this is a referral code