Reports we can share with a partner

I use Emma and diligently classify all the transactions on our joint accounts. I’d love to be able to share a report with my wife so she has visibility of all my custom tags and categories.

Invite her to Emma I hear you say, if she did bother using it, none of the work I do classifying transactions would show up and would mean that she isn’t looking at the same analysis as I am and it would undermine the data quality.

For report format, I’d prefer something that has a table of categories and some chosen tags, and a few charts of some sort. A couple of insights would be good for interest sake but it needs some data to back them up.


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Hey @gerrad.ferrier :wave::wave:

We’re currently building something called “Spaces” which might make you consider inviting her to Emma?

Basically, this feature will let you view a group of accounts in a set space.

For example, you could put your own accounts in space 1, and any joint accounts in space 2.

The idea is that you can then flick between your spaces, and can invite people to view your space.

Do you think this would solve some of the problems you’re talking about above?

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This also applies for your analytics, so 2 Emma accounts can see the same analytics.

Wondering if these reports could eventually also be turned into an SME bookkeeping tool? Could even estimate tax req. like FreeAgent

Add a partnership with an intl partner that would handle VAT filing for EU and suddenly you’ve got a very very very large reaching useful business that SME will pay for

Hi Rebekah,

Yes spaces would be good but a sharable report would be better, we can then sit together with it on a big screen and go through it.
At present I have to download my data and put it through power bi to go through it.

Emma desktop would be the ultimate!

How about a power bi connector?



On the roadmap though - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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Okay awesome - that’s good to know :blush:

What kind of information would you want to see on these reports?

Amount spent by tags, categories, accounts, over a certain time period, vs last month/ year etc?

Hi Rebekah,

Yes exactly that, plus perhaps committed spending/subscriptions for the coming month.
I’m happy to be a guinea pig if you need to do some testing!


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Just export your data and do an excel pivot table…

Yeah I’m not sure if you’ve seen our export feature, but you can basically download the data in Emma to a CSV file that you can then add to an excel sheet with your own formulas/ pivot tables etc

If you know basic excel skills then this could be a good option for you?