Payments to credit card company

I have two separate monthly payments to MBNA in respect of two balance transfers I did at different times. In subscriptions I can only select one of them and even then it doesn’t show up in committed spending. How can I have them both showing as committed spending?

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Hey @brearleys, great to see you here!

Your credit card spend is already counted in the budgeting categories, so we don’t include cards in committed spending by default. We don’t even have a way to change this behaviour.

There is a tooltip at the bottom of your committed list. :point_down::grinning:

But this is cash transfer credit card ie I borrowed some money which went onto a credit card, which I am now paying back each month. So it is the same as a loan. I did the same with Virgin Money and this does show up as committed spending. What it means is that I am unsure how much money I have left to spend each month.

Can you send a message to support in the app, so we can double check? :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks