Transaction Help

So I’ll click in ‘recent transactions’ to add notes to what each spending is and put it into a category.

But then i realise if i go to Accounts and click on a bank account some are wrong categorised as ‘excluded’

So far the only way I have figured out to check all the wrongly ‘auto’ excluded transactions is to click on each bank account one at a time.

I have around 6-7 banks though due to 2 businesses and 2 personal accounts so that isn’t simple to do.

I am looking for a way to just quickly check ALL my recent transactions so I can make sure they are all in the correct category etc.

I am using Emma Pro and using it to track business expenses too so kinda need this to work in full and not just ‘mostly’

Any ideas for this? Please help.

What sort of transactions are wrongly categorised? Is there any pattern?

I’ve just simplified the subject line and put the original one below

“Really confused, I try to update my transactions, categorise them once or twice a week. Often though the auto categories on the ‘excluded’ category wrongly does it”

As @Gaoler mentioned, is there any trends to what’s being incorrectly categorised as ‘Excluded’?

The ones that are wrongly categorised that are causing a problem, are the ‘excluded’ ones because it means they disappear from the ‘recent transactions’ list so when I am checking that list to make sure they are in the correct categories, they are not even appearing in that list due to them being auto categorised to the ‘excluded’ category.

Sometimes I have to change an Amazon order to ‘Groceries’ and things and it doesn’t always get the categories correct, but that’s not an issue because I can see it in the ‘recent transactions’ tab and simply change it to the correct category.

The main issue is the excluded category. For example. My old man will ask me to buy him something on Amazon and he will bak transfer the money over to me, so I will excluded the bank transfer and the amazon purchase because it was something for him and not me. Then a few days later something I buy on Amazon I will find it excluded automatically because the previous one was excluded.

If i could view a TIMELINE of all recent transaction including the automatically excluded ones this would be a very small problem.

Or if I had only 2 banks it would be easy to just go to Accounts and click on each individual bank but I have 2 businesses and some personal accounts, a couple of travel cards connected, credit cards too. there are too many accounts to go through them all like that.

If it was liek Yolt, which I used to use, where there is a timeline view of everything, that would be ideal.

Any idea where i can find that?? thanks in advance

thanks Joel, yeah, I was not at my most creative when I typed in that subject yesterday.