Chat bot minus AI

I’ve found, as a beginner using Python, that the previous discussions about implementing AI are too expensive. Even with AI, you still have to fine-tune the code heavily to make it understand variations of requests. How about creating a basic chatbot for bulk transaction management? For example, changing names, refreshing merchant pictures, marking notifications as read, etc.

Who’s going to use it? I think chatbots are cool just for the first 5 minutes?

Look up Canary Email:

I didn’t think I’d use the AI aspects but it was handy for a number of attributes, looking up and removing newsletters, mark all email as read, bulk editing in one prompt etc.

For Emma, Bulk editing, Bulk recategorising, Commands in general and you could imagine the rest id suggest, Trading 212 are doing the same through the chat to us portal. I think there’s definitely lucrative aspects to take away from it other than a gimmick.