Would you trust AI to set a budget for you?

With all the hype around new AI technologies and the capabilities of ChatGPT, we want to know would you utilise these new technologies to influence your personal financial decisions? How do you think these new technologies will be used moving forward within the personal finance realm?

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Interesting topic for a thread. I’ll have to give it a bit of thought…

Thinking about this for a bit if there was an AI chatbot in the app would be very cool if you could click a button and ask how can I increase my savings this year. Or id like to buy a home what do I need and it sets out a guide sort of a personal robotic accountant or financial manager would be very interesting

I am worried about the wrong financial advice it might give. :scream:

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I do agree however for a lot of people it would be helpful for instance seeing someone spend 45% of their incoming on eating out could offer to reduce that and save the extra. Or if you wanted to ask a question about whats more tax efficient a LISA OR SIPP for instance and it has context of ur spending would be cool but i do think emma has to add a lot more integrations to make this work best. Pensions, investment accounts etc

RIP my job :smiling_face_with_tear:


That would be a very interesting way to use the tech for sure. Would you feel safe following the advice for such big financial decisions?

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Personally i’m an engineer so id use it similar to wikipedia as a technical resource it would be a great way to start asking questions. Personally id take it just as one point and then further to see if the suggestion was right for me.