Expand Bulk Edit to other fields like name, tag and date

Currently you can bulk assign transactions into the categories but you can’t bulk assign or update other items like dates or tags.

I use tags to group transactions for things like days out but still leave them under their categories like transport and food.

I also update the date to the true date of transaction sometimes since cc items come in two days past transaction and longer if done on a weekend (at least with Santander).

Hey @jakes

Thanks for sharing this :raised_hands:

How do you think we could incorporate this change? Maybe a drop-down after you press the Edit Transactions button where you select from a list of edit category, edit date, edit tags?

I think similar to how the Category edit works.

You select the transactions you want, then open one and change the attributes. Then a prompt to ask whether to apply to all selected transactions or just this one. Effectively mimick the “similar” transaction edit

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This seems like a simple one - is it on the roadmap? I was expecting to be able to bulk delete, bulk add tags etc. Both from the account view and search view.