Add Gold as Investment


It would be good to have a feature of adding physical gold as an investment.
The app should allow you to specify:

  • the weight
  • the purity
    and then Emma would use the latest Gold price to calculate its worth.

Thank you


I would like this too. It’s interesting that Emma offers unregulated investments like cryptocurrencies but not gold, one of the oldest and safest investment in the world.

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Articulate :point_down: :stuck_out_tongue:

We never thought about this feature, to be honest.

We have been looking at ways to let you buy gold via Emma and it’s quite expensive. How many people do you think would be interested in tracking (and buying)?

Our feeling was more that new generations are looking at Stocks / Crypto mostly.

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Hi Edoardo,

Well I’m sure you’re right the majority will invest in Stocks and Crypto. But your true users the ones for who “personal finance” and investments is a passion of ours. We would want to be able to track multiple different investments. And gold ofcourse is an essential.



we can still look to provide it next to stocks and crypto. Our trading platform will go live next month. :slight_smile: