Budgeting app enhancements

Are there future plans to enhance the budgeting feature of the app, as this was the main reason that I signed up for a premium pro account? Making it a little clearer to see when you go over budget would be really great.

Hey @Tim_uk!

What kind of thing did you have in mind for this? We send out the “oops you’re going over budget” notifications and have the colour coding by categories, but any more ideas are more than welcome! :pray:

Hey Tim,

in terms of this we have coming:

  • Rolling Budgets
  • Filter by Account
  • Filter by Periods
  • Past Budgets
  • Previous Pay Periods

Hey Edoardo thank you. The plan for the budget element looks great and I look forward to their releases.

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Hey Rebekah,

The budget view for me on an iPhone 8 is quite small. My eyesights fine however, I struggle to see some of the categories where I have gone over budget. The text blends in with some of the colours. Grey on grey for instance is hard to make out. I’ve attached what I can see. I love the coloured however, it would be helpful if there was more of a contrast. For simplicity and easy viewing, how about a green bar to show when you are within budget and a red bar when not with black text showing the delta.

I’ve attached some examples where I’ve seen this.

Kind Regards


Yes, you are completely right.

We are going to review this as well in the short term future. :slight_smile:

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Please add sub-categories and badges on the app home screen for general or uncategorised expenses. Don’t change the budget if I overspend. Just show me how much I’ve exceeded or underspent my original plan!

Hey @mrs.victor!

Welcome to the Emma Community :blush:

For this do you mean every time you spend money, but it isn’t allocated the correct/ a more relevant category you’d like to see this on the feed tab?

I’d like the app icon to have a red badge with a number inside it indicating how many expenses are in the general category. This would mean I need to categorise them appropriately. It would be a trigger for me to visit the app and be more specific about where the money should go. Thanks for asking!

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Ah ok - interesting idea! :bulb:

You can see how many transactions sit under each category from the Analytics tab, but happy to consider another prompt somewhere else too!