Budgeting wishes


A budgeting wish list after a month using Emma pro

  • Alert when individual budgets go over the total budget
  • Have long-term budget items/categories like car service, annual insurance, tuition fees etc. In any way. I just want to make sure I have the money when the day arrives
  • if a budget category is over the budget :slight_smile: suggest “rebalancing” the other categories under the total limit. The ceiling would be the total budget. The floor - committed spend per category. Could use trends for this.

So far, it’s still very manual. The reason I chose Emma over YNAB is UK banking support.

Kind regards

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Hey Alex

Good to hear from you!

At the moment we notify you when you go over a specific category budget or when you are spending too fast in that budget. How would it work with individual budgets going over the total budget as this is not that likely surely? Would be good to hear more about this.

We were talking about things like yearly budgeting yesterday in another thread so if you have something that is paid annually but you want to see it split across 12 months, you can. Is this what you mean?

With this would you just want a notification or would you want Emma to balance your budget out in other categories, so take balances from other categories to cover the one you overspent in?

A plus one on this. There are categories I budget monthly, (bills, food), some I think of quarterly (personal care, clothes) and some I think of as annual (electronics, holidays).
It would be ideal for me to set budget and budget schedule on a per category basis.

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Would “smart” budgets be on the horizon? For example suggesting a budget amount based on past data?

Is this already not a feature?
When setting a budget limit it shows what your average spend in that category is based on historical data.

Ok - that’s cool. Didn’t notice that. Thanks.

Aaron McElwee


Yes, we have it.

Annual/quarterly/every x month budgets would indeed be useful. Lots of annual charges push me over monthly budgets and I pay into an ISA quarterly.

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There is a way to avoid this with transactions splitting, I think. :stuck_out_tongue: