Bills management feature request

Would be nice to have a feature to manage all my bills in one place like Wonderbill or the now defunct OneDox.

Are you planning to do something like that, please?

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Onedox discovered it was extremely expensive to maintain and no one wanted to pay for it, so I’d be very surprised if Emma go for this any time soon.

A bit of legislation requiring utilities to provide open data APIs would really shake things up though… Can’t see why it won’t happen eventually

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Yep, I think Onedox and Wonderbill are very niche products that have died for this specific reason, so they don’t really incentivize us to try to build them. :sweat_smile:

The other main issue is that Wonderbill was supporting “web scrapers” for each bill provider, which is a quite crazy and expensive implementation to mantain.

A shortcut would be to manually input when the contract ends.

I see, maybe a section called e.g. Bills, can be created where I manually upload the bills so all the information are in one place. A kind of onedox or wonderbill but where I insert the data manually

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You can already upload a photo of a receipt for every transaction. Maybe the option to upload a PDF would help. But it will take a lot of work to keep uploading them all!