Integration with Wonderbill

Hi team,

I’m not sure whether this has been made as a suggestion yet.

Wonderbill is an app in the UK that allows you to track contracts/subscriptions in the UK. It has hooks to pull bills and contractuals direct from suppliers. You enter your login details for the 3rd party (such as BT for internet) and it goes to work from there, pulling all of your bills into their engine. From here you are able to have a single pane of glass to view all subscriptions, renewal dates and new deals available to switch to.

To note - I’m not sure what alternatives are out their for US/Canada, I’m sure there must be something.

There are two elements of my finances, one of which is addressed by Emma. With Emma I can focus on my cash flow, optimising spend by having visibility of what I actually spend between all accounts and effectively managing from there by setting budgeting.

Now, the second element which I have incredibly poor cadence with, is subscriptions. Keeping track of renewal dates, alternatives and whether I can save money just doesn’t happen because of sheer number of providers and time. This is where Wonderbill fits in. Knowing when insurances, utilities and non month to month contracts come up and them doing the leg work for me to address, saves an incredible amount of time.

Emma could potentially allow for the following on integration and be miles ahead of the competition in the UK;
I) notification of when contracts are coming to an end.
II) view to show what savings could be made by switching providers and how that relates to your budget.
III) deeper dive into your subscriptions by linking transactions in Emma to your monthly subscriptions on Wonderbill. You could pull in the actual bills from these suppliers and information alongside.

If Emma can integrate the above view only aspects, it’ll save time having to continually monitor multiple apps and save app sprawl. Wonderbill would still have it’s purpose when actually following through with provider changes and giving a comprehensive overview of said subscriptions and billing.


I think this would be nice and actually help our switching service - in Emma you can switch both Energy and Broadband.

We had some people suggesting Onedox at the time, but they shut down. :frowning:

In terms of us, I think an integration doesn’t make sense, but we’ll probably build the functionality in-house to have better control.


Think this would be fantastic, was looking to maybe suggest the same, I used to use wonderbill but found not many of my accounts would link very well so too much manual work for them all and got out of date, quicker to go to the apps but even then that was not ideal. Having them linked to subscriptions with reminders of end dates or getting future payments updated from actual bill so can see correct estimates on forecast when bill has been generated due would be awesome.

Tied in with this would be, if possible and if data us provided/available, would be credit card statements so can see how much minimum payment is on next credit card bill or if set to preferred or boosted payments have the estimates updated to that value to again help budget. That way you can see if credit card payments will be higher then normal against category, know need to adjust somewhere else

I think adding the end date is a good idea, and we’ve added the ability to see when savings could be made on your bills.

So you’d include credit card minimum payments as a subscription?

They sort of are in a way because they are direct debits from current account and legal/committed payments so need to make sure that the money is on the correct account to cover the payment, so do need to be budgeted.

Wouldn’t necessarily say just the minimum but if a way to see or link the payment setup, minimum, boosted, full, fixed etc… and use that to adjust expected payment once known, understand may not be there but think would be great if it was and could update expected/future payment accordingly.

I’m trying to budget to pay off my cards as have a few (lots of interest lost to them) so want to know how much extra I could pay to clear them down and possibly close, hence posts about analytics by account