Best Films About Money & Stocks

Not sure about everyone else, but I’ve definitely been watching a lot more TV recently…

If you’re the same and are looking for some inspo for new things to watch, then check out our latest blog post which lists our favourite films about money and stocks :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Have you seen any of these films? Did you rate them? What other films about money would you recommend?

When I asked Twitter for their opinions on the best films about money and stocks I got this great answer :joy:

I have watched only three of them lol

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Which three? :grinning:

Now You See Me (and the sequel)

Baby Driver

And, of course, Trading Places $1


I re-watched Wolf Of Wall Street on Friday! I can’t believe you haven’t seen that!

Never interested me tbh, despite the acclaim.

May add it to my watchlist then (which currently stands at 126 films and box sets on Netflix alone :rofl:)

Just finished The Fall.

Highly recommended. (off-topic though as not stocks and shares related - serial killer)