What to watch on TV in Lockdown

One of the only positives about going back into Lockdown has to be… not feeling guilty for binge-watching Netflix all weekend :see_no_evil:

So, what’s the best thing on Netflix at the moment? Or, are there any books/ audiobooks you can recommend?

I want to get a mammoth list together so I don’t just end up watching Friends over and over again :joy:

What are you into? :man_shrugging:

I have just binge-watched all of The Last Kingdom. :+1:

I watch a film on Netflix every night, however, again, it depends what your tastes are as to what to recommend :thinking:

I tried New Girl, for something light-hearted, but wasn’t for me.

Ozark is pretty good, well early seasons anyway.

Money Heist is a must!

Locke and Key is intriguing.

Really enjoyed Enola Holmes too. :smile:

And there is the latest version of the thriller, Rebecca
The film is based on the 1938 novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier and stars Lily James

Just noticed this on Netflix.

Emma Roberts, seven years apart, same look!! :rofl:

I think the only genre I wouldn’t watch is scary films - like haunted house vibes, exorcism - no thank you!

I also tried New Girl but didn’t love - think I got to the end of the first season and gave up? Same story with Ozark - couldn’t get into it!

Loved the first two seasons of Money Heist - would you recommend watching the third? Obsessed with this song now though!

This looks way too jumpy for me haha :see_no_evil:

Adding The Last Kingdom, Enola Holmes, and Rebecca to my list!

Two episodes :rofl:

Not as good as the first two. Watchable though.

That tune though! Was as much in my head at the time as Karma Chameleon was (before you were born lol)

A lot of what I watch is suspense based as I get bored very quickly otherwise.

Have you watched Now You See Me? Older movie, but first one was better than sequel imo

Maybe try The Witcher

And take a look at another oldie (well, 2015) - Paper Towns

And one that will keep you thinking is In The Shadow Of The Moon

Enjoy! :grin:

Haha I know the song! Very catchy :joy:

Don’t think I’ve seen this - it’s going on the list!

Also going on the list. Looks verrrry weird :eyes:

Thanks for all your recommendations - going to be busy haha!

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You’re welcome Bekki

Oh, one more, Dangerous Lies

It’s a light watch but more of a Sunday movie that a lockdown evening.

I feel so trashy celebrating my wind-down from the working day with Four In A Bed, Come Dine With Me, The Simpson’s and then mostly switching the TV off.

I often down have the capacity to watch a screen and focus after 9 hours of screen time and work :frowning:

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Haha, not a fan of Hollyoaks then? I try and catch The Simpson’s on C4+1 most days - although we’re using a friends Disney+ login now and that’s got all the seasons on there!

If you’ve access to Disney+, then Hamilton is a must!

I’m far too old and uncool for Hollyoaks these days. I think it’s been a good 18 years since I saw it. :-/

Over 20 since I watched it :scream:

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Haha you’re not missing out…

Have you guys watched The Fall on Netflix? I’m just coming to the end of season 3 :eyes:

Yes, I was a big fan of it. Gillian is now going to be in The Crown (which I haven’t watched).

If you haven’t watched Bodyguard, watch that. The BBC series not the movie.

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She’s such a great actress - I think she’ll make a brilliant Margaret Thatcher. Also, I would really recommend The Crown. Not sure how much of the storyline is true, but it’s an entertaining watch nonetheless!

Yess - loved this too!

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Tried it in August. Didn’t take to it.

Crazy! Please try it again :slight_smile:

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On your recommendation, I gave it another try.

Experienced many episodes of deja vu during first season, as I realised that I had watched this before a long time ago. Checked, and noticed it was released in 2013, so highly possible.

Just finished s2e3 and no flashbacks yet, so maybe I only saw first season.

Needless to say, I shall continue watching.

Thanks for the push :+1:

Very glad!

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Really!? I hated it. I thought the whole love plot was tired and it could have done without