Track outstanding finances list

Be amazing to have on the app either via the free part or upgraded part of the app to be able to add Outstanding finances to a list to track/ maybe even connect the finances somehow to the monthly payments coming out of the bank, to see the finances go down either via the planned repayments or yourself

But if that’s not possible just a place to add all our finances in one place to track each month

Hey there! :wave:

What you might be looking for is an Offline account to track accounts that you cannot add in Emma.

This feature allows you to manually create any kind of account. This is particularly useful if you have an account that isn’t supported in Emma but still want to track it. Offline accounts behave in the same way as your other bank account except you will need to both manually create transactions and update the balance.

You could then use Smart Rules to track the payment. When you make a transaction to an account not linked in Emma, the transfer will be detected automatically and will show on your Offline Account.

Included some links here for you:

If that’s not what you had in mind, let me know! :slight_smile: