Loans to and from friends or family

Hi there,

A small idea that would be handy. The ability to track any money I have loaned to or from friends, and the payments in and out that relate to those loans.

For example,

Tracking a loan to a friend or family of £200 and associating specific incoming payments from them, to that loan.

Conversely borrowing £200 from a friend or family and associating specific outgoing payments to them, to that loan.

Would be super handy.

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You can do this if you set up an offline account under the loan category and create a smart rule to look out for their transactions and knock it off the total automatically.

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That’s great thanks, is there any way to have the offline accounts displayed in the home page? They are tucked away in the menu.

I have cashback and quests and both of those items are irrelevant to me, not something I need on my home screen tbh.