Auto re-payments of loans

Once you have loan added under your LOANS tab then you can assign transaction to re-pay it.

Every time this transmission occurs the same amount is taken from loan balance. This will give you nice way of tracking your outstanding loan balance.

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This is SO needed. I use earnin to loan money when I need it for between checks and paying it back… Well a loan taken/loan repaid would be so wonderful . Not one budget tracker has that option /categories and Emma would stand apart from all the others. Please do this, Emma team😊

Do you mean as a feature?

Like you want a counter of the outstanding balance? In the US, we already support loan accounts, but I don’t think earnin. :stuck_out_tongue:

For example, I use earnin to get an extra $50 which goes into my account as “income” which it’s not. So it screws up my total. If we could have a separate category for loans that come in and then when they’re repaid (taken back from our same bank account), it’d be helpful. I’ve had to stop using many budget apps because they add the payday loan as income and it shows my income as a lot more than it is. That ruins my budget and also ruins what my balance is. Hard to make a next month budget to have extra flow over when the balance is way off.

Hope that makes sense?

Yes, it does.

Have you tried to move it to the Excluded category? It won’t count. :slight_smile:

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Emma Team - The feature described by benek984 is very much needed for those using this ‘LOANS’ option outside of the US. Currently the LOANS tab is useless (for non US users) as you can not automatically assign transactions from your accounts to contribute to the outstanding loan balance.

Please look to get this ‘feature’ implemented for non US users.

Hey Team,

I’m going to link this thread with this thread which also talks about linking payments with manual accounts