Linking transaction to incoming payment (payback)

Sorry if this idea has been suggested before, couldn’t find it on the forum.

Would be great to have a way to link an incoming payment to a transaction for when you’re being paid back for something so that budgets aren’t affected.

At the moment the workaround for this is to split the transaction and then exclude both the split and the incoming payment/s. However, would be great if this process could be automated and as part of splitting you could select the incoming payment/s and it happens automatically, creating a split same value as the incoming payment and then excluding both, possibly with a note added to explain.

Im no developer so I’m unsure how complex an idea it is!

@tom11 :wave:

The best to way to handle people paying you back is to assign the repayment to the category you made the original payment from.

For example, if you spend £50 and the transaction is categorise as 'Eating Out. When your friend pays you back £25, re-categorise the incoming transaction from ‘Income’ to ‘Eating Out’. Doing this will offset your ‘Eating Out’ category and show that you’ve only spent £25 on Eating Out.

Let me know if that doesn’t make any sense!


Hi - thanks for your reply! Good to know.

This does work for tracking whole budgets but not for individual transactions i.e. what payment matches what, so throws off merchant tracking and makes it hard to see personal spending for individual transactions. Maybe what I’m after is overkill but has been useful so far! Monzo do this well for splitting their own stuff, but I’m sure being the bank makes it easier.