Anybody else got a Virgin Credit Card? What was the credit limit you got when you first opened it?

About to buy a car. Will stick 80% in cash and £2k on a 0% purchase credit card card.

However. £3k I am waiting on coming from other sources.

So initially I will be sticking £5k on the credit card did the first few months.

I am 95% eligible for the Virgin Records Credit Card as per Clear Score app in the Offers section.

Curious if anybody else has a Virgin Records Credit Card what did they give you on first opening the card?

I know it maybe be different for different people but it’s just to get an idea at the moment.

Hope it’s cool to ask this here I thought it would be a good place to ask


ofc you can ask this here! :raised_hands:

I don’t have a virgin CC so can’t actually help you - @Gaoler, @jase, @o99 do you know?

I cancelled my card with them after a while but I had a limit of £10,200 with them. Why the extra £200 I have no idea. Good company though!

I’d say they were pretty generous when I applied recently - but I had no other credit card debt to speak of. If you’re definitely going this way, I’d also have a look at the MSE credit card club, then apply, then decide what you’re going to do - there’s no certainty until you’ve actually got the card.

Virgin does an eligibility check on their website as well, which I believe (can’t actually remember) shows you an “indicative” credit limit (“you could get x limit” or something like that)

Never had a Virgin credit card.

Have you checked if the dealer will allow it?

They don’t like it because it costs them more in transaction fees. Last car I bought dealer wouldn’t allow more than £1k deposit on credit card. But it varies from dealer to dealer and some will be more amenable to threats to walk away from the deal than others.

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