Your credit card of choice?

I’m just thinking I should get a credit card (would be my first). Seems like I’m just leaving money on the table by not using one, at least for my usual spending. (Not to mention its good for your credit score etc.).
I was just wondering what credit cards the community use? Any you think are particularly great/terrible? All advice and wisdom appreciated :pray:t5:

If its your first credit card, I’m not sure how selective you will be able to be. You might need to go with a credit builder card to build a credit history before going for top-rated cards. I’d suggest using a credit card acceptance checker before applying for a particular card. This will give you an idea of likelehood of acceptance without running a hard search on your credit file. One example of this is MSE eligibility checker:

As to what I use. I have an Amex and also a VISA credit card from a high street bank.

I’ve only been using Amex for a few months. It’s best in the UK for rewards, however I find the lack of acceptance at smaller retailers (and even a handful of larger retailers) quite annoying so I don’t think I will be keeping it long term. It does have instant notifications though, which is good.

The VISA credit card I use nothing special. I only keep it because I have a long credit history on the card and because everywhere accepts VISA.

What I’d really like to have is a credit card which does both instant balance updates and rich transaction information (basically a credit card version of Monzo or Starling). However there doesn’t seem to be a credit card on the market which provides this at the moment. The Apple credit card looks like it will but there’s no telling if or when that will come to the UK. Jaja looks interesting but their progress through invite-only beta seems to have slowed to a crawl. I understand Starling are planning to release a credit card but not sure when.

If you have any interest in joining the Jaja waiting list, please consider using my referral link: . If you end up as one of the first 5,000 onboarded users I believe you will get a £10 reward. I get a bump up the waiting list.

Yes did think I’d need to get a starter card or something…:thinking:
Great ill def take a look at the checker, and hit your Jaja link if I think it suits me. :grin:

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Also take a look at the general MSE page on credit cards.

It has recomended credit cards for various circumstances

If you’re having trouble getting accepted for your first card, your bank is probably the most likely to give you something (assuming you bank with a bank that does credit cards too…)

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As much as I have slated then, I’m sticking with Tandem at the minute.

  • 0.5% cashback
  • Instant transaction notification
  • High credit limit

I haven’t actually tried yet, but I’ll keep that in mind, thanks :grin:

Another for Tandem.

It was Amazon by Newday but they have reduced their points cashback on everyday spending.

American Express - Platinum Cashback Credit Card.

If apple credit card comes to the UK and has better cashback rates then will most likely switch to them…

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How does it compare with the gold?


Can’t justify the Annual fee with the gold card, unless i use for 1 year and cancel …

TBH i’m thinking to cancel the card all together…
I pay full each month back, but its so easy to just put money on there without thinking…

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I use a few depending on where I am with the rewards status on each:

  1. First 10k goes on an Amex BA Premium Plus card to gain the 241 voucher that effectively doubles my avios. It rewards at 1.5 avios per pound, double that on BA spend. I use the 241 for long haul in either business or first, so it is ‘worth’ 5-10k to me. It has an annual fee, but it is waived for me as I’ve had an Amex Plat for many years and it was one of the benefits of that card. My referral link if you are interested, it gets you 26k avios instead of the standard 25k if you sign up -

  2. After hitting the 241 on the BA Amex, I tend to put spend onto a Costco TrueEarnings Amex which has pretty good cashback rewards - 3% on restaurants and dining, 2% on travel, 1% on pretty much everything else, paid as a voucher for costco but they’ll exchange it for cash at the membership desk.

  3. Alternatively I spend on the Platinum Amex Charge card as the membership rewards points are convertible to many schemes - I’ll use it to top up my BA Avios if I’m a bit short for a flight, or into hotel schemes, or pay a couple of pence to Amazon when they give a ‘use your membership rewards pints and we’ll give you £15 off’ promotion. The earning rate isn’t as good as the other two, but the flexibility is good. It has excellent worldwide travel insurance for me and all my supplementary card holders so my parents and kids have cards, plus priority pass for me and my partner, CDW coverage for hire cars, Hertz No1 Gold (just turn up and drive, no faffing at the counter for an hour) and hotel status in Hilton, Marriott etc which has nabbed me numerous upgrades, free breakfasts etc. I’ve had this card for a long time, but they’ve just announced yet another price rise and I may drop it next year. The price rise doesn’t kick in until August though so you can get all of the benefits (if they are of use to you, I have more than saved the cost of the card each year on hire cars, upgrades, priority pass etc) at the current price if you go for it now plus extra membership rewards for being referred -

  4. For the places that don’t take Amex I either use a JL Mastercard or an MBNA Horizon visa. The JL gives 1% at JL and Waitrose, 0.5% elsewhere, the MBNA gives 0.5% cashback and zero foreign loading. I pick between them using curve ( ) unless I’m in JL where I use the JL card direct - although there is chat that the JL transactions may be recognised even through curve but I’ve yet to check it out.

  5. I’ve also linked my non amex cards to airtimerewards, including the curve - some chat on the boards suggest that spending through curve at one of the supported retailers with the underlying card also registered to airtimerewards is giving double points. Will try it out and report back. (my referral code is TWFUR9A3 - use it and we both get 50p in our accounts - don’t spend it all at once).

  6. Finally, contactless under £30 tends to go on my kerv, 'cos it’s fun, autotopup via curve to avoid the 3% credit card loading, gaining the 0.5% cashback on the MBNA -


Interesting. I have a Post Office credit card. Absolutely terrible app but they has a sweet balance transfer option at the time.

Jaja is about to take over numerous credit card companies in the UK, mine is one.

The app has been pre-ordered via the Apple App store, as soon as it’s out it will download.

It’s due out start of October.

It looks good, free transactions abroad too at perfect rates and free cash withdrawals abroad too for those who need that.

Like you say it looks like a ‘Starling and Monzo’ fintech style app.

If it’s good and it can link to Emma I may close my Halifax card down.

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I don’t think Jaja have released an open banking API yet so Emma can’t link to it.

For this reason I haven’t really been using it, although other aspects of it work well.

American Express

5% cashback on all purchases.

Only for first £2,000 qualifying spend within the first three months, and you need to spend at least £3,000 to be eligible for the cashback. Platinum Everyday

That said, I joined them in Jan 2020 and use this card wherever possible.

Amazon Mastercard as a back-up for where Amex not accepted. (Not many places now)

I’ve also been using the Platinum Everyday Cashback card from Amex.
Recently had my first actual cashback from them, I believe they pay you every year?
Had about £300 IIRC. My outgoings on the card are usually about £1k a month, as I try to put all outgoings on that.
However, haven’t got a backup card for when Amex is not used, just use my Monzo debit in those case.

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Ditto in shops (with Round Ups), Amazon CC online.