Best Credit Card To Build Credit?

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Do you have any tips for someone thinking about getting their first credit card? Anything you consider a must-do when it comes to using a credit card properly?

We’ve shared some of our tips here, but interested to know what you guys think!

If someone wanted a credit card purely for building credit, what type of card would you suggest?

There are a few basic rules, when starting out.

First, apply with the bank you’ve been with the longest and/or is your main account. Particularly if you are a student with a student loan paid into the account.

Also use the MSE credit club to see the cards you’re likely to get (this will probably list your bank anyway). If you have any blemishes on your credit history, this step is absolutely essential!

If possible, go for a card that lets you do a soft search before a full application, so you can see whether you’ll get the card before you actually apply.

Second, pick one regular purchase or type of purchase to put on the card. If you do a shop every week or so eg at Tesco, make the card your Tesco card. This will help you avoid building up debt, but allow you to establish a good credit history. Pay off in full by direct debit.

This is great advice - stick to one type of spend and don’t be tempted to use the card for unnecessary purchases if you don’t need to

This is the first time I’ve come across this - looks really useful! MSE is incredible for free resources like this

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