Annoying "Invite and get £15" pop up in the Feed

The “Invite and get £15” message that pops up in the bottom right of the screen every time you scroll the feed is annoying. When you want to promote something, I’d much rather you put a static message on the Feed which can be dismissed once its been seen. Even right at the top above everything else would be ok as long as it can be dismissed.

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It is annoying.

Feel like I’ve recommended the app to about 200 people now :joy:

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Same but never any cahsback since no one gets plus / pro / ultimate

We are experimenting - it’s not final.

Tbh, this has been always there for free customers, we are experimenting with paid a bit. We might find another placement soon.

I think I didn’t notice if for a while, and then when someone else mentioned it I can no longer not notice it (and is now just annoying).

I would have noticed the promo a lot sooner if a message appeared at the top of the feed. Although would need ability to dismiss it for this not to be annoying.

That might have been me, sorry :slight_smile:

The other annoying thing is this:

which pops up every day at least once. I don’t want a loan and it should not keep coming back when I’ve dismissed it!


This should show up every 6 months - if it’s daily for you, can you message live chat?

Thanks, will do.

This rule can also trigger whenever you add a new account, but as I said we can check. :slight_smile:

Haven’t done that for at least a few weeks :slight_smile:

Yep, I can see there must be an error - we have opened an internal ticket.

This is a bug, we have found it - sorry about this.

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Great, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: