Analytics - Merchants - Unknown Category


I’m a bit confused about the purpose of the “Unknown” category? I have a lot of transactions in there, but it is very clear who they are from / too so I don’t understand why they are “unknown”?

Hi Rosie,

Emma moves transactions in “Unknown” when we can’t detect a merchant.

How is merchant defined? (Not being snarky, genuinely interested)

When Emma reads a transaction and can not assign a merchant (clean name + logo, and often a category) this would show in the Unknown section; otherwise, you would see it listed like every other merchant in the list.

Thanks, that’s useful.

Is there anyway to manually (by me) make them recognisable so that the total spends with each of them can also be compared?

If you reach out to live chat in Settings, we can try to add some for you, but this is entirely on our side to do. We also don’t assign merchants on positive transactions - this feature only works for purchases.

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