Have a category for “not yet defined”?


Some companies (eg spending on Amazon) don’t always fit into the same category. Would it be possible to have a category called something like “not yet defined” which is defaults certain companies to. User could then be prompted with something like “you have 5 transactions that still need to be allocated”.

Hey Niel,

thanks for posting. This is a great idea!

The review system is something we have been thinking about, cause it puts people in the habit of reviewing and coming back to the app. :wink:

For the category, I think General is great; but in this particular case, I’d still make Emma assign a category and then tell you to review it.

What do you think?


Thanks for this. I personally wouldn’t mind what the category was but it’d be good to

  • have some transactions attributed to this category (so I’d put my Amazon spend there as it could be for anything )

  • have Emma remind users tbat “there are 10 transactions under category XXX that you still need to classify”

Otherwise they just get set to the category that I last used for an Amazon spend and that may well not be right

We were playing around with a screen that looked like this a while ago. The little bell at the top was going to be a notifications screen - it could be perfect for reminding users that are some transactions that need to reviewed?

That woild work definitely !

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