Analytics for tags

Hi Emma team.

I saw that you guys recently added total spent in the search functionality. This is very useful!

However, when I add extra parameters in the search like dates, I can only see ‘This month’ and ‘Last month’.

It would be amazing if you implement the same analytics features you have for categories but to Tags. This way I can see the trends and also compare how much I have spent across multiple months.

For personal finance, it is very useful to allocate all your transactions into 3 sections (tags) #wants #needs and #savings. Normally, #needs shouldn’t go above 50% of your income, #wants (this includes holidays) should be around 30% and #savings should be at least 20% of your income. So If I can also do some budgeting with tags then this will be the ultimate app for me (and I believe for many people as well).


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Hi @leo.scricca,

do you mean you want custom dates in Search?

Hey @edoardomoreni

That will definitely help, but it was more like a shortcut such as: ‘Mar’ ‘Apr’ ‘May’ or from pay-day periods.

Also, if I select a range of dates or the whole month or year, then besides showing the total amino also showing a graph will help to visualise the progress on that tag over the period selected.