Annual totals in categories

In Feed, under what did I spend, we can select tags or merchants - not categories. I am trying to assess category spending for past year. How do I do that, please. What am I missing? If I search for a category under Feed, it gives me a long, non time defined list, nor is it totalled. Many thanks.


I have the same question. I have just come over from Yolt, which allowed you to view annual totals for transactions that you tagged. I created basic tags like In, Out, Tax, Interest and could see totals for the previous 12 months, excluding internal transfers between accounts.

Do you have similar functionality, ideally without needing to tag each entry manually? Thanks!

This can be done with Search.

You can filter by category and year.

The only feature missing is the total, which we are working to add. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I really like the search function. I can’t quite figure out though how to filter by year etc but maybe it’s been a very long day. Totals would be great!

I export and do this in excel at the moment

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Use the calendar icon in the filter options.

Although in terms of year filters you can only do current calendar year (2021) or previous calendar year (2020). You can’t do earlier years, last 12 months from day of search, tax years, or user-defined date ranges in case you’re after any of those options.


The analytical capabilities are realling lscking and Emma repeatedly ignores requests to have any basic functionality. You have to export to do this but even this is difficult as multi tags come through in a single col.

What would you like to see?

I have answered this already i think 3/4 times before

You can always make tags #2021 for this year etc

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The tags are a very powerful system and it’s easy to arrange things in time sequence
Oh happy to be back on here. I am an easy adopter of Emma. Its now my friend

This is a great idea! We’ll pass it to the product team. :wink:

Thank you, a simple totalling tool would also be handy. ie. #total #2021 #office expenses
I think that would fix the previous enquiry.
PS I do like Emma, I was an early user and its been great. I am useless at money and Emma holds my hand :blush:


We really appreciate all the help and ideas that our users give us :bear:

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Yes but we have been asking for 12 month reporting now for over 2 years and you are not listening so how is that appreciation

To be fair, I don’t think we (users) can expect all of our ideas to be implemented. Not enough hours in the day and would also lead to a very incoherent product if everything was done.

It’s reasonable for the developers to be selective about what user ideas to incorporate and when. I don’t think that means user ideas aren’t appreciated.

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We are only working to improve the app. Therefore, a lot of work is being done on the planned projects that will be launched soon.