Budgeting by Tag

Could we consider budgeting by tag for those once-off events or things where we don’t need or want to lose the category of spend?

E.g. my tag is #day-out-with-kids. I budget like £100 and then log all expenses as per usual but tag as above.

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Hey @jakes,

thanks for the suggestion!

Have you checked custom categories? You can do a similar thing.

This is a great suggestion! I’m sure alot of people have one off categories like that and would benefit from being able to tag them as such!

Yes I use them a lot. But my point is that it would be good to be able to combine the functionality. E.g. if I go on holiday, I’d create a tag to group all my Holiday related spend together. I’d still categorise the spend as Eating Out or Transport since I want that breakdown. I can tag each transaction to get that overall spend by Tag and category retrospectively.

But say I want to set a budget for that one holiday. If I am able to set a budget by tag, I can check budget against multiple perspectives.

I wouldn’t want my list of categories to be clogged up by loads of Holiday-Greece22 or WorkExpense-Munich23 type custom categories that will never be used again

right so you want these functions to be seperate from more normal reoccurring spend? Definitely something work looking into on our end!