Analytics by category over time periods

For example, I track account rewards, but include the account fee in the same custom category to get a meaningful balance. Some months are positive, some are negative. Emma doesn’t display any bars for them at all.

Do you think this is something you might consider?

I’d love to glance at different time periods - this week, last week, last 7 days, last 7 months, since January etc.

We have this in Search, but we are not displaying the totals (this is coming).

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@edoardomoreni Thanks, I did try the search but it’s not as intuitive as just being able to quickly see totals for time periods. Glad to know totals are coming in some form :pray:

While we’re talking analyitcs - do you have any plans to offer a line chart instead of a pie chart for amount spent this month? A line chart can more clearly show days with higher spend, and speed of spend.

It’s the only good thing about Nova. does it too. I’m sure Emma could do it even better! :slightly_smiling_face:


we are redesigning the feature and separating Analytics from Budgeting.

On analytics, you can filter by periods and track spending, while on Budgeting you keep an eye on the cycle you have selected in the app.


@edoardomoreni this is amazing!! :heart_eyes:

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We are also considering removing the option to select payday and just selecting a cycle to make things clearer for everyone.

Payday tracking allows us to make the cycle more precise (if we get it right), while without we would just stick to the cycle.