Amazon Prime Day 🛍

Is anyone planning on buying anything in the Amazon Prime sale today/ tomorrow? Either for yourself or for Christmas presents?

Have you found any great deals?



and Nada


You? :thinking:

I’m tempted by this…

I don’t really need it though, so I should probably be sensible and not spend £70 just because it’s in the sale :woman_shrugging:t2:

They usually do deals if you get it direct. Free/Discounted Machines if you subscribe for the pods.

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Ooo that’s a good tip, thanks - will check it out! :coffee:

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I have got the echo for £18. :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Aeropress all the way

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I already had the Echo and the Echo Dot, so couldn’t justify another £18.99 for a third.

Couldn’t even work out someone to gift it to for Xmas either, as those that would use it already have one :smile:

If you have not used one before, they can be fun, however, I also find myself shouting at Alexa sometimes when she does not follow simple commands, or just ignores me cos my volume too loud :rofl:

Enjoy :+1:

I have a Tassimo that just sits under the stairs now - unused.

And no, I did not name it Harry Potter :man_shrugging:

I gave up using ours for exactly this reason - found it more frustrating than useful haha

I love our Alexa. She’s in every room even the bathroom (overboard I know but great for shower singing and dancing).

We were gifted a coffee machine as my parents had an offer: Buy £125 worth of coffee pods and the machine is free! Although they don’t like the coffee taste of the new capsules so may be swapping that back :wink:

My mother was gifted a Dolce Gusto by her grandkids. Not sure why as she does not really drink the sort of drinks it provides, which, like many other machines of this type, are quite dear (per cup) compared to tea bags and coffee jars.

I use it when visiting though, and bought the Costa americano pods from Iceland when they were on offer for £3. Prices back up to the £4 mark now. Still cheaper than a fresh Costa, but not as much flavour imo.

Dolce Gusto Chocaccino is nice though.

I have an Alexa Dot with Clock in the bedroom. Only issue with that one is the sound appears more muffled than my living room Alexa Dot without clock :man_shrugging:

I cleared the history on the Amazon Alexa, and it had to learn my voice and accent all over again.

And if there is an Alex in the house! I was chatting to my mother on the phone and mentioned Alex and Alexa sprang to life!! “I did not say ‘a’”, I would tell it. Why am I conversing with a ruddy AI :rofl:

Have you tried Super Alexa mode?

Just say, “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start”

It is only a giggle.

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My favourite thing to do on work Zoom meetings now is to say quite loudly the following;

Alexa, play Baby Shark.
Alexa, play everywhere.
Alexa, play loudest.

Our CTO had a lovely surprise when I did that, without realising her husband was working in another room also with Alexa present. Works a charm to make everyone go crazy but laugh.

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:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: Love that :raised_hands:

Amazon Prime Day is back! Are you planning on buying anything, or have you found any good deals yet? :raised_hands:

The Independent has shared some pretty good tech deals here :point_down::point_down:

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Probably an Apple Watch for my better half. I would love to buy that ultra wide gaming monitor for work productivity purposes but I can’t justify a grand.

I never used to be a dual monitor person but I think now more than ever if I had an ultra wide monitor like that, I probably would use it productively.

Yeah, this is very cool. Although maybe a little too big? I reckon it would take up my whole desk haha

I’ve not left any room in my budget this month for new tech things, but if I had I’d be interested in the B&O wireless earbuds… (I’ve got a B&O speaker, and it’s incredible!)