Amazon Fresh 🛒

Amazon Prime customers in London can now get Amazon Fresh delivered the same or next-day for free, on orders over £40.

Do you think you would use this service? Can you see them becoming a big player in food retailing online?

I’m not sure if I’ve used Amazon Fresh for online groceries. To be honest I get confused with Amazon’s online groceries offerings - they seem to have (or have had) multiple options and I forget what’s what.

But I have now been to an Amazon Fresh cashierless store a couple of times (in case any US members reading - the stores only arrived in UK in last month or so). Very impressive. Spent some time returning items to shelves that I had previously picked up. Their system tracked this and what I got charged for was exactly what I walked out with.

But on both occasions the store had relatively few customers. Will be interesting to see how their tech manages with larger numbers in the store. Since it’s been operating in the US for a while I guess they must have it all figured out.

Emma-related question: Amazon Fresh transactions appear in Emma transaction list as just “Amazon” as the merchant. This this different to some other variations of Amazon. For example Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Now, and Amazon Prime Video all get unique merchant names in Emma. Should the same be done for Amazon Fresh?

I would suggest yes. It would be useful to see from the transaction list which transactions are with Amazon Fresh rather than general Amazon. Amazon Fresh transactions have the phrase “Amazon Fresh” as the reference (at least when spending via Amex).

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Really want to give this a go - hoping they’ll open a store around the North London area soon!? How was the product offering? Good quality etc?

Yeah I don’t see why not - I’ll pass this onto the team :blush:

Is Wembley Park close enough for you? That’s the one I went to.
10 minute walk from Wembley Park station.

Store is not particularly large so not space for a huge range. But quality is good.

Hmmm it’s about 45 mins away from me

Might have a wander up there one weekend if I have nothing else planned!

I bet it feels pretty strange just walking out without going to pay haha

It does a bit. I’ve been a couple of times and on both occasions even though fully aware I could just walk out I couldn’t help myself making eye contact with the security guys as I left, I guess just for reassurance it was ok!

I expect after a while you stop even thinking about it though.

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I’m not sure I’d rely on a security guard after the Seddon affair. The automatic recognition is fine, until it goes wrong… I wonder if it has fewer false positives than cctv

Eesh, what a horrible situation to be caught up in. Can’t believe how much it’s cost him :grimacing:

Reviving this conversation because I’m interested to try out Amazon Fresh. Do they do a good range of groceries (i.e. if I wanted to bake a cake) or is it just like packaged foods to go? That’s how I found it when I was in the US

There’s a lot of packaged food/meals but they do sell general groceries too. Probably just not large variety because the store is not particularly big (the one I went too anyway).

Haven’t been in almost 2 months and only went twice so little bit hazy on what I remember.

If it were around the corner from you, would you choose it over a Tesco Express or Sainsbury’s Local if they were the same distance?

This is a good question!

I wonder if it’s more of a novelty at this point?

Can’t beat an Aldi imo :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

The real question is Aldi vs Lidl? :woman_shrugging:

It’s a VERY close call… but I’m going to have to go with Aldi

What about you?

  • Aldi
  • Lidl

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If no significant queues in the Tesco E/Sainsbury’s L I’d probably sometimes use Amazon and sometimes use Tesco/Sainsbury’s just for variety.

If I needed to go at a time when I know Tesco E /Sainsbury’s L would have significant queues at the till I’d go to Amazon.

Got it. I just don’t think the novelty at the moment is enough to attract me - especially now that I’m trying to cut out as much waste was possible

For anyone who can access The Telegraph, this is an interesting read on Amazon’s less than stellar performance in the groceries market

Ahh no I can’t read it - what were the main reasons?

I use Pressreader + my local library membership to access The Telegraph and several other papers and magazines. I believe many/most libraries subscribe to Pressreader.

However, I think this share link will give access to the article even without membership

Ooo I’ve not come across Pressreader before

It seems to be linked with the building I live in so I have access to everything for free… this is amazing haha thank you for sharing! :raised_hands:

Re the article - it’s interesting how they talk about online food shopping and whether people actually enjoy going to the supermarket. Are you more for online shopping, or going to the store?

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